Self-Love Journaling Prompts: 31 Insightful Prompts for Personal Growth

self-love journaling prompts

Life hasn’t always been smooth sailing, and from time to time, we may face our share of challenges and unexpected hurdles. In this article, I want to share how I began my journaling practice, which has kept me anchored and positive when life gets hard. So, grab your pen and paper as we embark on a journey of self-discovery through these 31 self-love journaling prompts.


The circumstances have not been particularly favorable to me this year. As life gets hard and unexpected hurdle arises, I’ve found ways to keep myself anchored and stay positive

Journaling is one of them.

What prompted me to start journaling? Amazingly, I was inspired by a journal I was designing. 

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self-love journaling prompts for mental wellness

How I Started Journaling

That was a Friday morning in June 2023. I was then working passionately on publishing books on Amazon KDP. 

While eagerly waiting for the recently uploaded manifestation journal to go live, I was designing the second manifestation journal. For this second version, I would incorporate the 369 technique. 

When I was in the bathroom that morning (the bathroom is the place I find ideas and inspiration most often, LOL), I had a light bulb moment:

Let’s start my own manifestation journal!

The idea struck me with a sense of urgency. As soon as I came out of the bathroom, I rushed out to grab a 120-page A4 size lined notebook from the nearest convenience store.

Once I came back home, I grabbed a pen and sat down at the dining table.

Manifestation Journal

First, I copied a list of prompts, which I included in the manifestation journal I uploaded to my Amazon KDP bookshelf for review, on the first page.  

After that, I started my first journal entry: my intention, my daily affirmation, my daily gratitude, and my action plan. 

In addition, I also decided to employ the 369 manifestation technique by writing my daily affirmation three, six, and nine times every morning, afternoon, and evening respectively.

Why didn’t I use the manifestation journals I designed? 

The urge to start my own journaling journey was so strong that I just couldn’t wait. If I had a printer at home, I could print the PDF file immediately. But I discarded my printer when I moved to my current home last year. 

If you’re interested in starting your manifestation, you may download the PDF for daily journal entries for FREE from my Gumroad shop (click here or here). Alternatively, you may purchase a copy of the full 90-day manifesting journal or the 90-day 369 manifesting journal from my Gumroad shop.

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is an easily accessible wellness tool that offers a myriad of benefits, regardless of age and background.

A journal is a safe and private space for us to express and process emotions. Thus, it helps us gain clarity on thoughts and feelings and reduce stress. 

A study has found evidence that supports this claim. The participants of the study reported reduced stress after engaging in the Three-Minute Mental Makeover (3MMM) journaling exercise. 

Through journaling, we can explore and organize our thoughts, aspirations, and challenges. We’re free to write down whatever is in our minds. Besides promoting self-awareness and self-confidence, journaling helps to inspire new perspectives, creative ideas, and effective solutions as we can express our thoughts and emotions freely in our journals.

By developing a habit of spending some time journaling every day, we give ourselves some dedicated time for self-care and introspection. Even a few minutes a day are enough to foster mindfulness and help us focus on positive aspects of life, promoting our emotional well-being.

How to Start a Journal

The simplest way to start a journal is to grab a pen and a blank notebook and start jotting down whatever comes across your mind. 

However, if you’ve never kept a journal before, you may have no idea what to write. 

That’s why I propose the following 31 self-love journaling prompts to make your first step easy. 

Of course, even if you’re no stranger to journaling, feel free to grab these prompts to add some new ideas and fun to your journal. 

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6 Tips for Maintaining a Journal

Before we explore the 31 journaling prompts for self-love, allow me to suggest several other tips for you to start and maintain a journal:

  • Time yourself: Limit journaling sessions to 10 minutes per day to avoid feeling overwhelmed or bored.
  • Overcome the fear of the blank page: Start with small tasks like making lists or creating simple drawings to get into the habit of journaling.
  • Avoid screens: Opt for pen and paper journaling to engage your senses more deeply and slow down your thoughts.
  • Make your journal precious: Invest in a journal that you love, even if it’s more expensive, and view it as a durable keepsake of your creative expressions. Having said that, don’t worry about making your journal perfect. Messy handwriting, doodles, and run-on sentences are normal and perfectly okay.
  • Embrace randomness: Feel free to pick whichever prompt that appeals to you even if it’s out of order. You may use the same prompt again and as many times as you like. Just follow your heart!
  • Don’t worry if you miss a day: At times, life can get so busy that we may miss journaling a day or two. It’s okay, and don’t get discouraged. It happens to everyone. Just get back and continue the practice whenever you can.

31 Self-Love Journaling Prompts

1. What are three things I love about myself, both physically and emotionally?

2. Describe a moment when I felt truly proud of myself and why.

3. Write a letter to yourself, expressing love, appreciation, and encouragement.

4. List five affirmations that resonate with me, and repeat them daily.

5. How do I practice self-care, and what new self-care activities would I like to incorporate?

6. What are some compliments I have received from others, and how do they make me feel?

7. Write about a challenging experience or mistake, and focus on forgiving yourself.

8. List ten things I am grateful for, recognizing the positive aspects of my life.

9. Describe my ideal version of self-love and self-acceptance. What steps can I take to get closer to that?

10. Reflect on times I have prioritized my well-being and how it positively impacted my life.

11. Write about an accomplishment or achievement that makes me feel confident and empowered.

12. Describe my favorite qualities or strengths, and how I can use them to uplift others.

13. What are some limiting beliefs I have about myself? How can I challenge and replace them with positive affirmations?

14. Write a forgiveness letter to myself, releasing any guilt or shame from past actions.

15. How can I set healthier boundaries in my relationships to honor my self-worth?

16. Describe a difficult situation I navigated successfully and how it strengthened me.

17. List ten things I would do if I truly loved and accepted myself unconditionally.

18. Write about an area of my life where I can practice more self-compassion.

19. What activities or hobbies bring me joy and allow me to express myself authentically?

20. Describe the kind of inner dialogue I want to have with myself and how it can support my self-love journey.

21. Write about a time when I stepped out of my comfort zone and surprised myself.

22. List three compliments or positive statements I can genuinely say to myself every day.

23. Reflect on the people in my life who uplift and support me. How can I surround myself with more positive influences?

24. Write about a challenge I am currently facing and how I can approach it with self-love and resilience.

25. Describe my favorite self-care routine and why it makes me feel nurtured and rejuvenated.

26. List ten qualities or characteristics that make me unique and special.

27. How can I practice self-forgiveness for past mistakes and embrace growth and learning?

28. Write about a fear I would like to overcome and the steps I can take to conquer it.

29. Reflect on moments when I compared myself to others negatively. How can I cultivate more self-acceptance in those situations?

30. Describe the ideal ways I want to celebrate and honor myself on a regular basis.

31. Write about my self-love journey so far and the progress I have made. Celebrate the small wins and acknowledge my growth. 

Download 31 Self-Love Journaling Prompts Free PDF

Click the button below to download the 31 Self-Love Journaling Prompts PDF for absolutely FREE!

Which prompts resonated with you the most? How did journaling impact your self-love journey? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your insights. 

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