Pinterest Growth Strategy: Unveiling Tips to Skyrocket Pinterest Views by 50,000%

How to explode a new and small Pinterest account


So, picture this: I’m diving into Pinterest, right? Trying to figure out how to boost my blog game, get some eyeballs on my stuff. And then, bam! I accidentally stumbled onto this game-changing Pinterest growth strategy. Seriously, it took my daily views from “meh” to “OMG” — like, 50,000% kind of “OMG.” Now, I’m spilling the tea on how it all went down.

Let’s dive into the tale of my Pinterest journey – a quest for traffic that took unexpected twists and turns. Back in June 2023, while knee-deep in setting up my WordPress blog, I stumbled upon Pinterest as a potential traffic goldmine. But trust me, the road to success was no walk in the park.

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My Pinterest Growth Journey

Cue the charts! For the first few months, my Pinterest views were sadder than a rain-soaked cat. Barely scratching 500 daily views, it felt like my pins were stuck in a digital black hole. Worse, a brief shift in focus to SEO in September caused a dip in my Pinterest numbers. Doubts crept in, but on November 1st, a modest spike of over 1,000 views hinted at a potential breakthrough.

Pinterest growth strategy

The game was afoot, my friends. November saw some growth, but the real shocker hit on December 1st – a whopping 4,300 views. Hold onto your hats because, by the end of the month, my views shot up to 13,530! We’re talking about a 50,000% increase from my average July views. Yeah, you read that right.

Discovering SEO Gold: Stupid Simple SEO Course

Interestingly, the Pinterest growth strategy I stumbled upon was a side effect of my investment in Mike Futia’s Stupid Simple SEO (SSSEO) course in late August. While it might be too soon to measure its full impact, the strategies learned in the course played a pivotal role in my recent success.

Leveraging SSSEO’s keyword research methods, I finally got a hold of some keywords that my new and small site can compete with and rank well on SERPs. These keywords not only improved my SEO but also contributed significantly to the spikes in my Pinterest views.

Being aware of the Pinterest Trends feature as one of the powerful and free keyword research tools, I was inspired to research via Pinterest Trends if certain keywords perform particularly well during specific months or points of time in a year.

On a side note, the boost in domain authority and visibility brought about by the SSSEO course enabled a remarkable feat: a post gained traction on Google Search the very day it was posted. This immediate click-through from Google underscored the potency of implementing SSSEO strategies effectively.

The course is closed at the time of writing, and it only opens four times a year. Click here to get on the waitlist so that you won’t miss the next intake (and the 20% discount limited to the first 200 students)!

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Discover the post that sparked immediate engagement!

Now I’ll show you how you can find trending keywords and plan and create your content ahead to capitalize on recurring trends on Pinterest.

On the Pinterest Business Hub page, click the “Analytics” button on the top bar and select “Trends” from the drop-down list. This will lead us to the Pinterest Trends page.

Scroll down and you’ll see the word “Keywords” on the left sidebar. Click the arrow in the box and a search box will appear. Type in a keyword that is related to your niche.

For demo purposes, I keyed in “budgeting” in the Keywords column. Four related keywords were shown along with a trend line and the percentages of weekly, monthly, and yearly changes.

Pinterest growth strategy

Select a keyword that you want to explore further. Here, I selected “budgeting,” and a line chart showing interest over time in this keyword over the past one year.

Apparently, people tend to search for this keyword from year-end to the first couple of weeks of a new year. You can also explore other related trends by clicking the keywords shown below the chart.

Pinterest growth strategy

The “Seasonal trends” filter is another way to leverage Pinterest Trends to boost your Pinterest traffic.

Also on the Pinterest Trends page, change the Trend type to “Seasonal Trends.” Browse through the keywords shown to find if there are any keywords related to your niche.

Pinterest growth strategy

For example, if you’re in the “recipe” or “health” niche, Pinterest users’ interest in “healthy meals” spiked a few times over the past year, and this pattern is likely to recur year after year.

Pinterest growth strategy

ear after year. Knowing this, you can strategically plan your content creation around these seasonal spikes.

Armed with insights from Pinterest Trends, it was time to translate this information into a robust content creation strategy. Here’s how I approached it:

1. Identifying Seasonal Keywords

  • Carefully selected keywords with the help of Pinterest Trends, focusing on those that exhibited recurring patterns during specific months or times of the year.
  • Used the seasonal trends feature to further refine the selection, ensuring alignment with the natural ebb and flow of user interests.

2. Planning Ahead

  • Developed a content calendar outlining the topics based on the selected keywords and their seasonal trends.
  • Created content 2-3 months in advance, allowing ample time for search engines and Pinterest algorithms to recognize and prioritize the relevance of the content.

3. Crafting Engaging Content

  • Ensured that each piece of content was tailored to the selected keywords, providing valuable and engaging information for the audience.
  • Utilized visually appealing graphics and optimized descriptions to enhance the shareability of the content on Pinterest.

The Time Factor: Patience Pays Off

Now, here’s the reality check. Pinterest success isn’t a microwave dinner; it’s a slow-cooked masterpiece. The first spikes were promising, sure, but keeping the momentum needed some serious elbow grease. Implementing this content creation strategy required patience. Here’s what I experienced:

  • Gradual Growth: The initial spikes were promising, but sustained growth required ongoing effort and adherence to the content calendar.
  • SEO Impact: The positive effects on Pinterest views were a byproduct of comprehensive SEO improvements, showcasing the interconnected nature of effective digital marketing strategies.

Pros and Cons of My Pinterest Growth Strategy


  • Targeted Traffic: Seasonal keywords attracted a more targeted audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.
  • Long-Term Impact: By planning content well in advance, I set the foundation for long-term growth and visibility.


  • Time-Intensive: Crafting content ahead of time can be time-consuming, requiring careful planning and execution.
  • Adaptability Challenges: While seasonal trends provide a framework, staying adaptable to unforeseen changes in trends is essential.

The Lone Pinner’s Struggle

Oh, did I mention I was running this show solo? As a one-person team running the show, I couldn’t dedicate extensive time to pinning. My reality was scheduling a mere 3-5 pins per blog post, averaging 2-3 new pins daily, with occasional zero-pin days. Surprisingly, even with this minimal pinning frequency, the growth was real.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, my Pinterest journey wasn’t an overnight success but a culmination of experimentation and strategic moves. The Pinterest growth strategy, intertwined with Stupid Simple SEO tactics, allowed me to position my content strategically, capitalizing on the power of growing and seasonal trends.

The road to Pinterest success requires dedication and a clear strategy. Each spike in views is a high-five from the Pinterest universe, a nod to your strategy, and a testament to your dedication. Ready to slay the Pinterest game? Start pinning with purpose, my friends. Your Pinterest adventure awaits!

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