Easter trivia quiz and fun facts

40 Fun Easter Trivia Questions With Multiple-Choice Answers

As the spring season approaches, so does the joyous celebration of Easter. This religious holiday, celebrated by Christians worldwide, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, signifying hope, renewal, and rebirth. Alongside its spiritual significance, Easter is also a time for festive traditions, delightful treats, and joyful gatherings with loved ones.

In this post, we invite you to delve into the rich tapestry of Easter trivia. From ancient customs to modern-day festivities, these 40 trivia questions will test your knowledge and immerse you in the vibrant history and cultural significance of Easter. So, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let’s embark on an exciting journey through the Easter season!

Fun Easter Trivia Quiz

1. What does the word “Easter” mean?



A) Resurrection

B) Rebirth

C) Spring

D) New Beginning

A) Resurrection

2. What symbolizes new life and fertility in Easter folklore?


A) Easter Basket

B) Easter Chocolate

C) Easter Bunny

D) Easter Lamb

C) Easter Bunny

3. What is the name of the Sunday before Easter?

A) Passion Sunday

B) Palm Sunday

C) Holy Sunday

D) Resurrection Sunday

B) Palm Sunday

4. What do Christians commemorate on Good Friday?


A) Jesus’ Resurrection

B) Jesus’ Birth

C) Jesus’ Crucifixion

D) Jesus’ Ascension

C) Jesus’ Crucifixion

5. What do Christians traditionally give up for Lent?




A) Meat

B) Sweets

C) Dairy

D) Fruits

6. Which animal is often associated with Easter in folklore?





A) Cow

B) Rabbit

C) Horse

D) Donkey

7. What does the term “Paschal” refer to in relation to Easter?





A) Easter Sunday

B) Easter Egg

C) Easter Basket

D) Easter Bunn7

A) Easter Sunday

8. What is the name of the bread traditionally eaten on Easter in Greece?





A) Baguette

B) Brioche

C) Tsoureki

D) Challah

9. Which flower is commonly associated with Easter celebrations in Australia?





A) Orchid

B) Daisy

C) Waratah

D) Kangaroo Paw

10. Which ancient civilization is believed to have celebrated a festival similar to Easter?





A) Roman

B) Egyptian

C) Greek

D) Persian

Easter Trivia Questions & Answers

11. What color is traditionally associated with Easter eggs?





A) Blue

B) Yellow

C) Green

D) Red

12. In which country is it traditional to have a large bonfire on Easter Sunday? 

 A) Germany

 B) Ireland

 C) Italy

 D) Spain

13. Which Christian tradition involves lighting candles in the darkness to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus? 

  A) Vigil Mass

  B) Easter Vigil

  C) Candlelight Service

  D) Sunrise Service


B) Easter Vigil

14. What is the term for the week before Easter Sunday? 

  A) Miracle Week

  B) Passion Week

  C) Holy Week

  D) Resurrection Week

C) Holy Week

15. Which famous landmark hosts an annual Easter egg roll event? 

  A) Statue of Liberty

  B) Eiffel Tower

  C) Buckingham Palace

  D) White House

D) White House

16. What is the name of the traditional Easter cake in Italy? 

  A) Pandoro

  B) Colomba

  C) Tiramisu

  D) Cannoli

17. Which country holds an annual Easter tradition of decorating wells with flowers? 

 A) France

 B) Switzerland

 C) Germany

 D) Belgium

18. Hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday in some countries. Which of the following does not have this tradition? 

 A) UK

 B) France

 C) Canada

 D) New Zealand

19. What is the term for the 40-day period of fasting and reflection leading up to Easter? 

 A) Lent

 B) Advent

 C) Pentecost

 D) Epiphany


20. What was the most popular Easter candy in the United States in 2022

 A) M&M’s

 B) Skittles

 C) Jelly Beans

 D) Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

D) Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

Fun Facts About Easter

21. Where was the world’s largest Easter egg hunt held? 

 A) Florida, US

 B) London, UK

 C) California, US

 D) Berlin, Germany

A) Florida, US

22. Which traditional Easter dish consists of a bread dough that is braided and baked with colored eggs nestled in the folds? 

 A) Easter Pie

 B) Easter Casserole

 C) Easter Bread

 D) Easter Soup

C) Easter Bread

23. What is the name of the Easter parade that takes place annually in New York City? 

 A) Spring Spectacular

 B) Easter Extravaganza

 C) Parade of Colors

 D) Easter Bonnet Parade

D) Easter Bonnet Parade

Easter trivia quiz and fun facts

24. In Spain, what is the popular Easter sweet made from bread, milk, sugar, and cinnamon?

 A) Marzipan

 B) Churros

 C) Torrijas

 D) Polvorones

25. What is the term for the Sunday following Easter Sunday? 

 A) Ascension Sunday

 B) Pentecost Sunday

 C) Trinity Sunday

 D) Divine Mercy Sunday

D) Divine Mercy Sunday

26. What is the significance of the Easter candle in Christian tradition? 

 A) Symbol of Jesus’ resurrection

 B) Symbol of immortality

 C) Symbol of longevity

 D) All of the above

A) Symbol of Jesus’ resurrection

27. What is the name of a specially made sausage served for Easter dinner in Poland?

 A) Golabki

 B) Biala Kielbasa

 C) Leniwe

 D) Kotlet Schabowy

B) Biala Kielbasa

28. What do people in Finland traditionally burn in bonfires on Easter Sunday?

 A) Old clothes

 B) Wood carvings

 C) Easter decorations

 D) Straw effigies

     D) Straw effigies

    29. In which country do people celebrate Easter by flying kites?

     A) Thailand

     B) Mexico

     C) Bermuda

     D) Chile

    30. What is the term for the ceremonial washing of the feet during Holy Week?

     A) Foot Washing

     B) Maundy

     C) Baptism

     D) Anointing

    Easter Questions for Families

    31. What flower is associated with Easter?

     A) Tulip

     B) Rose

     C) Lily

     D) Daffodil

    32. What is the traditional meat served for Easter dinner?

     A) Ham

     B) Chicken

     C) Beef

     D) Turkey

    33. What traditional Easter game involves rolling decorated eggs?

     A) Egg Hunt

     B) Egg Toss

     C) Egg Roll

     D) Egg Race

     C) Egg Roll

    34. What is the traditional Easter dessert in Russia made from sweetened cheese?

     A) Paskha

     B) Kulich

     C) Vatrushka

     D) Medovik

    35. What is the name of the hymn traditionally sung at Easter services?

     A) Ave Maria

     B) Hallelujah Chorus

     C) Ode to Joy

     D) Christ the Lord is Risen Today

     D) Christ the Lord is Risen Today

    36. Which European country celebrates Easter Monday as “Wet Monday,” where people playfully douse each other with water?

     A) Italy

     B) Spain

     C) Greece

     D) Poland

    37. Which famous author wrote the children’s book The Tale of Peter Rabbit, featuring an Easter-themed story?

     A) Beatrix Potter

     B) Dr. Seuss

     C) Maurice Sendak

     D) Roald Dahl

    A) Beatrix Potter

    38. What is the name of the Russian Easter egg decorating technique involving intricate designs made from wax and dye?

     A) Faberge

     B) Pysanky

     C) Matryoshka

     D) Khokhloma

    39. Which famous composer wrote the oratorio Messiah, often performed during Easter season?

     A) Johann Sebastian Bach

     B) George Frideric Handel

     C) Ludwig van Beethoven

     D) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

     B) George Frideric Handel

    40. What is the term for the Thursday before Easter?

     A) Holy Thursday

     B) Good Thursday

     C) Maundy Thursday

     D) Easter Thursday

    C) Maundy Thursday

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    Easter trivia quiz with multiple-choice answers
    Easter trivia questions and answers

    As we conclude our Easter trivia adventure, we hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the fascinating traditions and customs associated with this beloved holiday. Whether you aced the quiz or learned something new along the way, Easter remains a time of reflection, gratitude, and joy for people around the world.

    As you gather with family and friends to celebrate this Easter season, may the spirit of renewal and hope fill your hearts with warmth and love. From Easter egg hunts to sumptuous feasts, may each moment be cherished and shared with those you hold dear.

    Wishing you a blessed and joyous Easter filled with laughter, love, and countless memories to treasure for years to come. Happy Easter!

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